Togouchi Kiwami Japanese Blended Whisky- 戶河內


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Created by Sakurao Brewery & Distillery, formerly Chugoku Jozo, Togouchi Kiwami assumes its Scottish origins while claiming its typically Japanese character.

As its name suggests, Kiwami meaning “Height” in Japanese, this Togouchi will show you the excellence by being the equivalent in the world of wine of a “Prestige” vintage. With its nose both bright and elegant revealing fresh notes of grass and nuts, this blended whisky will lead you in the mouth in a gourmet trip with hazelnut, chocolate and honey aromas, ending on subtle spicy notes of pepper and nutmeg.

Togouchi whiskies are specific in that they are only aged, blended, diluted in Japan and highlight the work of blending for the future productions of the Sakurao distillery. The aging of whisky casks imported from Scotland and Canada takes place in a unique site: a tunnel 361m long and dug in 1970 offering ideal conditions for maturation (constant temperature of 14°C and humidity of 80%). Part of their Japanese character is transmitted by the terroir through the spring water used for the reduction of the alcoholic volume which is drawn from the heart of the preserved mountains of the Sandankyo natural park.
戶河內威士忌是「中國釀造」近些年推出的威士忌品牌。 中國指的並非是中國大陸,而是日本廣島一帶。 該公司建立於1918 年10 月,是名副其實的百年老店。 中國釀造過去曾推出一系列暢銷的燒酎、梅酒、清酒。旗下的「櫻尾蒸餾所」於 2017 年竣工,今後希望以此作為櫻尾琴酒、戶河內威士忌的生產基地,將更優質的日本酒推廣到全世界。
戶河內威士忌目前儲存主要是兩個地方,第一個是本社的酒廠酒窖內,「天使分享」第一年高達 11 %,之後平均大約 5 至 8 %。另一個是車程約一個多小時遠的戶河內隧道酒窖,乃是酒廠與 JR 國鐵簽約承租鐵路隧道,環境較潮濕、冬天下雪呈現截然不同的陳年環境。