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Talisker Storm was released in early 2013 as a no age statement whisky, which was matured in specifically selected refill and toasted American oak casks. An intense and vibrant dram, the Storm offers up plenty of distillery character alongside some smokier depth and complexity.

With a classic Talisker profile, a depth of beautiful flavours and a very reasonable price point, this is an ideal single malt for those thinking of exploring the island whisky category. If you’re looking for a cocktail serving, this Scotch is simply begging to used in a Old Fashioned – now where you could find a recipe for one of those…

Nose: Initial brine, but not as abrupt as the 10 Year Old, quite creamy by comparison. Banana. Banana angel delight? Window putty, hint of sticking plasters and barbecues, citrus. White pepper develops towards the bottom of the glass.

Palate: Thick and mouth-coating with wood smoke, brine, some tin and chilli heat too.

Finish: Red chilli peppers and oak dryness with a hint of embers.

Overall: A welcome addition to the Talisker range, and probably the smokiest whisky to be produced on the Isle of Skye.

(Talisker Storm)酒精濃度為45.8%vol,未標示年分,調和大師Jim Beveridge博士表示:「打造大力斯可(Talisker)的初衷,是為了釀造具有酒廠當地特質的酒款。」
Jim Beveridge博士說道:「我們挑選出數款成熟的大力斯可(Talisker)威士忌,酒液與時間橡木桶交互作用,成就濃郁芳醇的質感。」
「調配 大力斯可(Talisker)風暴中的陳年威士忌傳承酒廠傳統與歷史,而年輕的威士忌則帶來生命力,兩者融合,體現出 大力斯可(Talisker)蒸餾廠甜美溫暖」。
此款為2013年初發布,有大家都喜愛的泰斯卡10年的標準風格,主要以3~25年的威士忌下去做調配。依然熱情、煙熏、辛辣胡椒風味, 同時更進一步,有更多的煙熏和香料味,比以往更爆炸的風味。

香氣 : 醇厚的煙勳和蜜甜選用
口味 : 首先甜美醇厚和豐富隨後迅速辣的熱量,風味優雅的甜蜜。
後味 : 綿長的後味,延續帶鹹的口感、強烈的甘草味、煙燻味、營火灰味所散發的特殊酚酸的獨特風味。

1st Place – Best Single Malt Scotch (Islands) – 2015 International Whisky Competition
2nd Place – Best Single Malt NAS – 2015
International Whisky Competition
2nd Place – Best Peated Whisky – 2015
International Whisky Competition
Gold – Highlands & Islands NAS – 2015
The Scotch Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)
Gold – Distillers’ Single Malts 12 years and under – 2014 International Spirits Challenge
Silver Outstanding – Scotch Single Malt – Island – 2014 International Wine & Spirit Competition
Bronze – Islands Single Malt No Age Statement – 2014 World Whiskies Awards
Bronze – Premium – 2013
Malt Maniacs Awards

?1848年售予北方蘇格蘭銀行,租借給唐諾?麥克里蘭(1963年破產)而後由約翰?安德森(1987年破產)承接。亞歷山大?格里戈爾 ?艾倫 及羅德里克?坎姆帕接手後,到了1898年,泰斯卡成為銷售單一純麥威士忌最大的蒸餾廠之一。
?1987年前以8年份裝瓶銷售,其後則改以10年份裝瓶並成為Classic Malts威士忌系列之一。