Suntory Toki 季 – 1000ml



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Suntory Toki Whisky
三得利 季 威士忌


Suntory WhiskyToki其實是一款blended whisky,其DNA來自山崎,白州麥芽威士忌及知多穀物威士忌。Toki在日語中意為時間的意思。他們取來自美國木桶的白州原酒,取其獨特的青蘋果香氣,清新又芳香。另外再選知多穀物威士忌的原酒,加入了清爽的甜度與雲尼拿香氣,最後出來的效果,會是絲滑的口感,亦有一定的複雜性,亦強調出其甜度,加上如桃般的香氣,最後帶來既甜又辣的餘韻。
As innovative and timeless contributors to Suntory’s renowned whisky craft, the 3 famous distilleries of Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita combine their years of experience to deliver Toki, a blended whisky with layers of evolving, complex flavour that remains flawlessly smooth. Using their expertise and extensive sampling of the several whiskies they create, Suntory encourages a combination of diverse techniques and grains in this groundbreaking day-to-day whisky, taking the unique intricacy of their grain whisky brewing in Chita and making it more accessible with the fresh and smokey welcome of their Hakushu single malt. Offering a light gold and less peaty body, this whisky invites you in from the start with a herbal sweetness, using basil and thyme to add silky warmth to the light and refreshing taste of orchard fruits and grapefruit. This soothes and unravels into a sharp peppermint kick at the finish that reveals some of the whisky’s earthier tones whilst keeping it sweet and simple to savour. An excellent tipple to top off a rich meal or mix into lighter modern cocktails and highballs.

Alcohol content 43% vol.