Togouchi Whisky Beer Cask Finish 700ml – 戶河內


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戶河內威士忌目前儲存主要是兩個地方,第一個是本社的酒廠酒窖內,「天使分享」第一年高達 11 %,之後平均大約 5 至 8 %。另一個是車程約一個多小時遠的戶河內隧道酒窖,乃是酒廠與 JR 國鐵簽約承租鐵路隧道,環境較潮濕、冬天下雪呈現截然不同的陳年環境。


This exciting new Togouchi Whisky is a blended release that was given a finishing period in a beer cask that has imparted a notes of malt, light citrus fruits and gentle hops onto the smooth, lightly spicy spirit. Togouchi Japanese Blended Whisky Beer Cask Finish is a unique, limited release that is well worth trying.

Oak barrels that have been used to mature Rum in the French Martinique in the Caribbean are used for IPA beer in France, and the beer casks are used to wood finishing for the whisky. A refreshing hop scent and bitterness derived from IPA beer, the honey scent derived from Rum, the sweetness like roasted apples derived from wood finish are harmonised.



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