Singleton of Dufftown 18 Year Old 700ml


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Whiskey Singleton of Dufftown 18 Years Old – characterized by a dry, sweet taste with notes of nuts, dark toffee, mint, rhubarb and apple juice. There are also tones of macaroons, bitter cocoa, sweet fruit and blackberries. The whiskey has a soft, attractive, dry autumn aroma. There are sweet notes of dried fruits, ripe autumn apples and berries, tones of roasted nuts: hazelnuts, walnuts, woody notes. At the end, the bouquet is enveloped in light vanilla notes and smooth tones of iris.
Singleton of Dufftown 18 Years Old is made from selected malt of very high quality and pure mountain water. This drink has undergone long fermentation and slow distillation. The whiskey was aged in special oak barrels using a special technology. All this made the taste of Singleton 18 Years Old perfectly balanced and quite soft. For aging whiskey, two types of barrels are used: American oak barrels from bourbon and European oak barrels, in which sherry was aged. Whiskey “Singleton” 18 years old can be consumed neat, as a digestif, slightly diluted with water or with a good strong cigar.
達夫鎮蒸餾廠的前身為一家麵粉磨坊,由Dufftown-Glenlivet Distillery Co公司買下改建成酒廠。1933年時由Arthur Bell & Sons將酒廠買下。而後達夫鎮威士忌便成為Bells調和威士忌重要的基酒之一,1974年蒸餾器從2只,增加到4只。1979年蒸餾器從4只,增加到6只。1985年時,United Distillers (UDV)買下了Arthur Bell Sons公司,而在1997年,UDV與其他大型集團,合併成為帝亞吉歐集團。
蘇格登歐洲版18年以傳統質樸的十九世紀批次蒸餾方式做出來的蘇格蘭單一純麥威士忌, 因為擁有濃厚的果香,並帶有高地獨特的煙燻味在其中,口感深得亞洲消費者之喜愛,因此僅限亞洲販售。