Paul John Edited Indian Single Malt Whiskey, 700ml 46%


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ABV 46%Edited is for the extraordinary. We poured forth all our mastery into crafting this Single Malt. The hint of peat has been skilfully created from discreetly chosen cask profiles. All to delight the true whisky connoisseur. Hear the sea off Goa tell its own stories, unedited.NoseHoney and cocoa are laced with a hint of smokiness and a shot of espresso. A deeper whiff reveals fruity fragrances.PalateThe grassy flavours of barley show up first, but gently make way for subtle peat notes. They slowly dissolve and pave the way for a rush of mint and mocha.FinishThe finish is long and drawn out. You can sense a hint of spice and chocolate mint as it ends on gentle peat notes.ColourAmber gold.PairingThe hints of peat and chocolate mint in this Single Malt are perfect with a mildly spiced lamb stew, or even dark chocolate.
喜馬拉雅山腳下的六稜大麥於夏天最熟時收成,釀成酒汁,以傳統的壺式蒸餾器二次蒸餾成新酒,陳年於精心挑選的美國白橡木桶。 印度洋海風吹拂的果阿沿岸,每年高達8%的天使分享是種挑戰,但也使得保羅約翰的威士忌相較於蘇格蘭熟成得更徹底。 非冷凝過濾、無焦糖調色,每一個步驟,都使得保羅約翰單一麥芽威士忌,綻放出屬於自己,獨一無二的色彩。 現在,倒一杯保羅約翰,讓它靜靜呼吸十分鐘,並啜飲一口,閉上眼睛,與印度無盡的魔力共鳴。