Myer’s Original Dark Rum 750ml 美雅黑朗姆酒


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Myers’s Original Rum is a Jamaican Dark Rum produced since 1879. Created by namesake Fred L. Myers, the brand has grown to become synonymous with quality; a full-bodied dark rum loved the world over for its distinctive colour and rich buttery flavour. Myers’s is the result of a meticulous and masterful blend of up to nine rums, some of which can be aged upwards of 50 years. The sweetness offered by the final product gives thanks to the residual molasses retained in the body of the rum.

A distinctive and prestigious dark rum, Myers’s makes a simply delectable addition to rum cocktails, including daiquiris and mojitos. The sweetness inherent in Myers’s also qualifies it as an ideal selection for both sweet and savoury rum-based recipes.