Makers Mark 101 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 1000ml, 50.5%


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It’s everything you love about Maker’s Mark? with a whole lot more to love. Our founder himself, Bill Samuels, Sr., was the first fan of this high proof bourbon. Bill liked to tuck a little 101 aside for friends and special occasions. And for a long time, this was the only way you could experience these intensified notes of caramel and spice brought on by the higher proof – yet matched with that familiar Maker’s Mark? smoothness. Now – at special times during the year – this limited release is available for you to share with guests of your own.
美格酒廠由老比爾山謬思(Bill Samuels.Sr)創立於1953年,每隔酒廠位於肯塔基州羅瑞多,這裡是美國肯塔基州歷史最悠久的威士忌製造地之一,製酒歷史可追溯到1805年,老比爾山謬思是第七代製造肯塔基波本威士忌的家族傳人。
第一批Makers Mark於1958年完成,Makers Mark的名字是由山謬斯的妻子Marge Samuels替其取名,由於他喜歡收藏具有英國傳統色彩的蠟記,且也喜愛收藏蠟封的干邑白蘭地,因此他們替新產品取名為Makers Mark,並以手工蠟封作為封口包裝。