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讓紅油迅速”Breath”, 節省時間 保留紅酒口感

We all know that decanted Wine tastes better. The wine decanting process is actually a breath process. The traditionally decanting way is inconvenient and time consuming.

Magic Decanter’s creative design speeds up this process with ease and convenience.
Perfect aeration can be achieved in the time it takes to pour a glass.
Wine decanting process

Liquid from another vessel is poured into the decanter in order to separate a small volume of liquid, containing the sediment, from a larger volume of “clear” liquid, which is free of such. In the process, the sediment is left in the original vessel, and the clear liquid is transferred to the decanter.
Decanters have been used for serving wines that are laden with sediments in the original bottle. These sediments could be the result of a very old wine or one that was not filtered or clarified during the winemaking process. In most modern winemaking, the need to decant for this purpose has been significantly reduced, because many wines no longer produce a significant amount of sediment as they age.