Laphroaig Triplewood Single Malt Whisky 700m 48% Alc. – 拉弗格



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Triple Wood is an extension of the Quarter Cask expression and is special for its triple maturation, which creates a unique blend of our signature peat-smoked liquid with softer notes of fruit and spices. First maturing in ex-bourbon barrels, second maturation in quarter casks and then a third maturation in European oak casks previously used for Oloroso sherry.

This final stage allows for a slow maturation – all leading to a soft, complex and fully rounded flavour. When tasted, Triple Wood begins with a subtle sherry sweetness before offering up spiciness and nuttiness and a huge peat flavour.
將原酒先存放在美國波本橡木桶中熟成一段時間,後再將原酒移至較小的1/4桶中,藉由較小的木桶面積增加酒液與木桶的接觸面加速熟成,最後換至歐洲雪莉桶進行最後熟成,並保持較高的48%酒精度以非冷凝過濾(NON-CHILL FILTERED)的方式裝瓶,這個過程不只讓這款三桶保留了最濃醇的酒香,也傳承了拉弗格酒廠最傳統的特色。