Lahroaig Quarter Cask Single Malt Whisky 700ml 拉佛格


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A hundred years ago, when the Scotts began moving whisky around the country in smaller barrels (aka quarter casks) they were improving more than methods of logistics. The smaller vessels made it easier for mules to carry and for the distillers to smuggle (what better way to inspire innovation than a ploy against the tax man!). In more recent times, with the rise of the micro distiller, smaller casks have played an important part by rapidly speeding-up the maturation process, increasing the whisky to oak contact ratio, in theory making it more palatable, at a faster rate.

For this release, after an initial period in American Oak x-bourbon barrels, the whisky was then transferred into new, specially produced Quarter Casks for a final seven-to eight-month period. It’s also bottled at a higher ABV to keep inline with older traditions.

Laphroaig Quarter Cask 拉弗格1/4桶單一純麥威士忌,這個”四分之一”的靈感來自於拉弗格特別的過桶成熟法,過程裡,Quarter Cask 原酒會先儲放在ㄧ般的美國波本桶中,接著移置到特別訂製的1/4小木桶中。
經由這特別的處理手法, 讓Quarter Cask不僅保留了最濃醇的酒香也傳承了與兩百年前相同的味道。
因為這份堅持,讓Quarter Cask獲得了無數的得獎殊榮與支持,誠摯推薦給喜愛品嚐獨特風味的您!
2014 威士忌聖經-金牌
2014 IWSC國際葡萄酒暨列酒大賽-銀牌



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