La Catrina Moscato, N.V., S. Australia


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The bouquet is exciting with aromas of peach, pear, lychee, cream and honey notes dominate, with hints of honeysuckle that add complexity. The palate is juicy with freshly fruit flavors of peach, apple and sweet honey. Moscato 源於意大利,但由於天氣關係,往往只能做出較低酒精(3-5 度),口感較為單薄。La Cartrina 在澳洲種植,能做出7 度酒精,做出較厚風味。此Moscato 帶有白花,茘枝,蜜糖,水蜜桃,忌廉等香氣, 愛飲甜酒的人必選。

產地:Australia,South Australia