Kyoto Beer Yamadanishiki – 京都山田錦日本手工麥啤 330ml x 3 Bottles


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產地: 京都
容量: 330ml
酒精度: 5%
酒評: 使用啤酒花,大麥及百份百山田錦 米釀造而成的特色啤酒,清爽的清酒香氣 與具張力的味道。這款少苦味的啤酒較為 容易入口,或會成為一股新趨勢。
Origin: Kyoto
Capacity: 330ml
Alcohol: 5%
Tasting Notes: A special beer brewed with hops, barley with a refreshing aroma and a strong flavor. This less bitter beer is easier to import and may become a new trend.