Johnnie Walker Sherry Edition 12 yrs 700ml


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The iconic Black label brings an innovative Asia-exclusive Edition with a fresh twist on a timeless classic. The limited edition Johnnie Walker Black Label Sherry combines the outstanding notes of Black Label whisky with the rich, fruity flavours of dried plum and fig, with aromatic vanilla for a distinct finish. Matured in sherry casks to give it its signature flavour, it is then elegantly packaged into a sophisticated bottle for a drink that will make any occasion special. 這次Black Label推出的Sherry Edition 雪莉桶風味,是採用多間進過雪莉桶的單一麥芽威士忌混合而成,釀製12年,當中包括Blair Athol、Cardhu及Strathmill酒廠,並不是調好之後才入桶。相比起普通版的Black Label,今次Sherry Edition酒身顏色較深、較為焦糖顏色。樽身設計與普通版稍有不同,貼紙上有一條紅帶寫上「Sherry Edition」,容量同樣為700毫升。味道方面,Sherry Edition帶點富層次的果香味,也輕輕的有點煙燻味道。如果要細味當中變化,淨飲或者加冰會較為直接。不過,近年開始接觸威士忌的年輕人,都喜歡跟日本流行的飲法,配以梳打水加橙片等Highball調酒方法飲用。

產地:Scotland,Scotch Blended