Johnnie Walker Blenders Batch No.1 Red Rye Finish 700ml


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The inspiration for Johnnie Walker Blender’s Batch Red Rye came from the personal story of Jim Beveridge. Jim is the Master Blender at Johnnie Walker Whisky and is known for his love for American whiskeys. When he was younger, he spent some time working in bourbon and rye distilleries in Kentucky. This fascination for American whiskeys was picked up to create the Red Rye Finish. More than 50 tests with over 200 malt and grain whiskies were needed to come up with the perfect blend.

The result is a blend made of four different whiskies, including a Cardhu Single Malt. Produced in small batches, the blend first ages in new bourbon casks and then gets a six month long finish in vintage rye barrels. This results in a soft character with sweet notes and a hint of Scotch.
直至1909年,正式以約翰走路全新品牌推出紅牌與黑牌蘇格蘭威士忌,並同時創造出「邁步向前的紳士」(Striding Man)廣告圖案,其不斷向前邁進的精神與活力未曾減退,不僅是約翰走路的重要品牌識別,也是約翰走路最佳品質保證與精神的象徵。此後,一百年來約翰走路一直以調製品味卓越、酒質醇厚的蘇格蘭威士忌聞名於世。
調酒師團隊探索超過203種威士忌酒液的組合,進行50種以上的風味調和實驗,經由反覆試驗與長時間的醞釀,陳放於首次填充的波本橡木桶,再過至裸麥桶進行二次熟成,終於創造出此款具有豐富層次的小批次之作–JOHNNIE WALKER首席私藏精選No 1。

香氣: 奶油與香草的氣息,交織辛香料與煙燻的迷人風味
口感: 蜂蜜,燕麥,乾香料和清爽的橙皮,滑順,令人上癮的香甜
餘韻: 巧克力和水果

產地:Scotland,Scotch Blended