Japanese Craft Gin Juju 700ml – 日本鹿兒島樹樹Juju 琴酒


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Japanese Craft Gin JUJU

Harmony of traditional shochu brewed with a flavored yeast and seven choicest herbs
Made from traditional rice shochu brewed with our original flavored yeast and seven herbs such as domestically produced citron, the Japanese Craft Gin is a new product specially developed by a brewery of traditional shochu with 150 years of history.
The combination of the elegant aroma, mellow texture and rich taste of traditional shochu, deriving from koji mold and yeast, and the flavors of the seven herbs (such as citron) which are extracted slowly and carefully, makes the characteristic flavor and taste.

【Recommended ways of serving】
?You can enjoy it in different ways. Adding soda (carbonated water) is strongly recommended since it is the best way to emphasize the rich aroma.

?Mix JUJU with carbonated water at a ratio of 1 : 2, and you will enjoy the rich flavor and a multifaceted taste. This is particularly true if you take the time to enjoy it after a meal with light finger food such as boiled green soybeans, cheese or crackers. The mixture of JUJU : soda = 1 : 4 makes the refreshing flavor more outstanding. The drink goes great with flavorful dishes (such as stewed meat and spicy ethnic dishes) from the beginning to the end of the meal.

由鹿兒島的Hamada Shuzo用傳統的大米燒酒製成。除杜松子外,植物藥還包括柚子,甘菊,香菜和橙皮。 非常優雅的柑橘香氣,與各種植物藥的微妙香氣極為平衡。