Glenlivet 18 Year Old Single Malt Whisky 700ml



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A staggeringly delicious whisky from one of Scotland’s most famous distilleries.

The Glenlivet was the first distillery to receive a license to legally distill, leading to it being called “the original”. Indeed, at one point, the distillery’s prestige was so high, that other distillers began adding “Glenlivet” as a suffix to their whisky’s name, in an attempt to ride on this distillery’s coattails.

This Glenlivet has been matured for 18 long years in a mixture of first and second fill American Oak and Sherry casks, giving it a superb maturity and balance of flavour.

This whisky opens with American oak flavours of tropical fruit, vanilla and cinnamon, before building to a crescendo of dried fruit, nutty sherry, orange juice, ginger, toffee and cloves. Glenlivet 18 has a creamy and full mouthfeel.

A wonderful achievement from Alan Winchester and the team at Glenlivet, this is a real treat that every whisky drinker will enjoy.
只有格蘭利威堪稱”THE GLENLIVET”蘇格蘭的Glenlivet區自古即為釀造頂級威士忌的起源地,而格蘭利威是經由英國法院公告,唯一能加上定冠詞”THE”、並以GLENLIVET為名的單一純麥威士忌,”THE GLENLIVET”不僅是威士忌中的最完美標竿,更是品酒鑑賞家的唯一首選。
格蘭利威遵循古法發酵,每一滴酒汁都釋放出高雅獨特且完美的口感與香氣,如此頂尖品質,不僅是樹立威士忌中的最完美標竿,更是品酒鑑賞家的唯一首選。讓”THE GLENLIVET”成為世界上單一純麥威士忌的唯一代名詞,蔚為酒壇風雲品牌,經典地位無酒廠能出其右。