Glenlivet 12 Year Old Licensed Dram Limited Edition Single Malt Whisky – Taiwan Version – 48% Alc


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Pernod Ricard has released another aged expression from its The Glenlivet Scotch whisky brand.The Glenlivet 12-Year-Old Licensed Dram has been aged in first-fill US and European oak casks. The iteration, the bottle design for which is based on the oldest Glenlivet expression, is the second from the single malt’s ‘Original Stories’ series, following the launch of 12-Year-Old Illicit Still last year.“Inspired by our existing 12-Year-Old whisky, Licensed Dram is a new take on the single malt that started it all,” said Pernod UK’s commercial director, Ian Peart. “With online continuing to be an important channel for gifting this Christmas, and consumers searching for premium options that offer something more special, this new release is perfectly primed to tap into this consumer trend.”

Nose: There’s lots of fudge, some honey and touches of hazelnut. That’s followed by strawberry jam and port-stewed pears, but also whiffs of almonds and liquorice. Finally a tinge of orange zest and peaches.

Palate: A creamy mouthfeel and a sweet, honeyed arrival. First impression is malty, somewhat dry and nutty, and a bit of a spicy punch. Think white pepper, ginger and cloves. Also some herbal notes, but then finally apple peel and melon.

Finish: Lingering notes of crushed mint and sage. Ending on sweeter notes of honey and processed sugar.

The Glenlivet Illicit Still 是獻給 Glenlivet Distillery仍然秘密經營的時代,而 Glenlivet 12 Year Old Licensed Dram讓人想起1824 年獲得官方蒸餾許可證。創始人 George Smith 是先驅,並設立了新標準用於威士忌 生產。舊許可證已包含在包裝設計中。
Glenlivet今天的首席釀酒師Alan Winchester說:”我一直對我們釀酒廠的歷史和 George Smith 的遠見卓識著迷。在 1800 年代初蒸餾的原始威士忌為斯佩塞設定了標準,因此我們很高興推出這個向這一傳統致敬的新版本。”

這款威士忌是”First Fill Double Oak”,具有著名的果香風格。Glenlivet 12YO,首次灌裝前波旁威士忌和首次灌裝前歐洲桶。



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