Glenfiddich 12Years Old , Amontillado Sherry Cask Finish (Taiwan Limited) 700ml, 天使雪莉 (台灣限定)


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This Glenfiddich 12 Year Old Amontillado Sherry Cask expression, released specifically for the Taiwan market, is a fine limited edition that was finished in the unique sherry cask type that has imparted a range of delicious notes onto the sublime Glenfiddich spirit.

It brings rich fruits, hints of sugared almonds, gentle cinnamon and dried berries that combine with subtle nutmeg, sticky toffee and caramelised apples to create a drinking experience that will be remembered for some time.

As a limited edition single malt, from one the best distilleries in the entire country, quantities are extremely limited. All you have to do to add this bottle to your collection is order online today and we’ll deliver direct to your door, wherever you live in the world.
雪莉酒在製成中原是被覆蓋滿酒花,因酒花意外開了缺口因而帶來第二次熟成,此種雪莉酒稱為Amontillado雪莉酒,這美麗的製程如同被天使忍不住偷喝了一口格蘭菲迪將這僅有5%的珍稀雪莉桶用來製作,因而取名為「 天使雪莉 」。