Fire Road Pinot Noir 2020, New Zealand, Marlborough


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A Label is desgin for commemorate a fire accident in boxing day, 2000. A strong aroma of ripe red raspberries with a nice oak lift and spice. Ripe red raspberries and red cherries with well balanced acidity and a fine powdered structure followed by savoury oak and spice. 洒莊為紀念在2000年紐西蘭拆禮物日的一場大火而設計的的一個Label. 該款葡萄酒有誘人的深色水果的芬芳-有如櫻桃,橡木丶香料等的味道和豐富的氣息融為一體,濃郁的成熟葡萄果實本身俱有的和黑色水果中帶有的果香與微微有煙熏味的橡木以及柔滑如絲的單寧襯托出黑皮諾紅葡萄酒清晰的結構。

產地:New Zealand,Marlborough