Cavatina Premium Prosecco, N.V., Italy


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Grapes for this Prosecco DOC Extra Dry are manually harvested in boxes and softly pressed to obtain the must, which is then treated by refrigeration and filtration. Bright straw yellow color, with a persistent perlage. Floral and fruity bouquet, with strong notes of golden apple. Fresh, dry and soft on the palate. DOC Extra Dry葡萄手工收穫,裝入盒中輕輕壓榨,得到必須的葡萄果汁,然後通過冷藏和過濾進行處理。 明亮的稻草黃色,具有持久的 花香和果香,帶有濃郁的金蘋果香氣。 口感清新,乾爽