Casali Del Barone, Barolo DOCG, 2015, Italy


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The wine is aged for 38 months ‐ 18-24 in wood that enriches the wine with refined and evolutionary notes together with other nuances from the terroir.Intense red garnet color, rich and full bouquet with plums, red fruits and jam hints, aroma and smell that recall woods, eucalyptus, tobacco, and leather. In the mouth, the sweet tannic flavor is very clear and persistent with balsamic and toasted hints in the finish.這款葡萄酒陳釀時間為38個月 ,帶有精緻的香氣以及來自風土的其他細微差別。強烈的紅色石榴石色,豐富飽滿的花束,李子,紅色水果和果醬提示,香氣和 回味森林,桉樹,煙草和皮革的味道。 在口中,甜美的單寧味道非常清澈和持久,在完成時帶有香脂和烘烤的提示。