Benrmach 15 Years Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml


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The company Gordon & MacPhail, producing high-quality whiskey since 1895, is the oldest and most respected in Scotland. From the very first days of its existence, the company bought alcohol from the best of Scottish producers, and then kept them in barrels until such time as the whiskey did not reach the best flavor characteristics. To date collection of whiskeys, Gordon and McPhail is considered one of the largest in the world and the oldest whiskey in the collection are more than 50 years.
Benromah whiskey made on the smallest distillery in Speyside, Scotland. Make it out of pure barley malt without mixing with the grain, so it belongs to the so-called single malt or malt whiskey. Before fermentation barley germinated and then dried in kilns, where the fuel is peat, which gives a special smoky flavor drink. After the end of fermentation whiskey undergoes double distillation and then aged in barrels of American white oak. It is at the stage of barrel aging whiskey gets its color becomes softer and gets extra flavor.
Benromach從Chapeltown的泉水汲水,是著名的Charles Doig設計的眾多Speyside釀酒廠之一。CharlesDoig是總部位於埃爾金的建築師,還曾為Aberlour,Dufftown和Balblair享有聲譽。百樂門的名字源於蓋爾語中的”毛茸茸的山脈”,在1930年代關閉並重新開放。1983年被封存。直到十年後,戈登和麥克菲爾才從聯合釀酒廠手中收購了該釀酒廠。購買之後,戈登和麥克菲爾將其視為老式Speyside風格的旗艦釀酒廠。使用了更重的Peed麥芽,可以使精神更加飽滿。

2015年發布,推出了出色的Benromach系列。Benromach 15年陳釀在精選波本威士忌和雪利酒桶中成熟,產生強烈而均衡的風味。有很多的香料味(想像姜,薄荷和少許肉桂粉),有多汁的水果(李子和柑桔),還有一些煙熏焦黑的橡木。



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