Balvenie 12 Year Old – The Sweet Toast of American Oak 700ml (Limited Edition)


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A creamy, sweet single malt, The Sweet Toast of American Oak is the first whisky in the Balvenie Stories collection. Finished in heavily-toasted virgin American oak casks from Kentucky, it is even fruitier than normal. Sweet, malty aromas of fudge, citrus and oaky vanilla mingle with spicy ginger and warm cinnamon on the nose. The palate initially offers notes of candied orange peel, vanilla toffee and butterscotch, developing slowly into flavours of melted brown sugar, blossom honey and rich oak spice.

The Balvenie Stories collection is designed to bring to life the tales of ‘character, endeavour and craft’ of those at Balvenie through the generations.
身為百富第六代首席調酒師傳人的Kelsey McKechnie 為了製作更具果香、口感香甜的百富威士忌,靈感啟發下想出絕妙點子,從肯塔基州運來全新處女橡木桶,經過深度烘烤之後,再將於波本桶陳年12年的原酒裝入其中進行過桶。最後威士忌酒液帶有蜜餞、椰香和香草味,風味美妙而且充滿層次。