Bacardi Mojito [RTS] READY TO SERVE 1000ml



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BACARDI, creators of the original Mojito cocktail, has created a product that allows consumers to enjoy the perfect mojito at home – without any mixing or shaking!

The BACARDI Mojito Ready To Serve (RTS) is a ready-made mix of BACARDI Superior Rum, natural lime and mint flavor. It takes the guesswork out of preparation, saves you the time of hunting for those elusive limes, and delivers an authentic BACARDI Mojito cocktail that can be enjoyed anywhere. Simply pour over ice to enjoy. It really is that simple.

The BACARDI Mojito RTS offers the ultimate in flavor, convenience and true brand heritage. For nearly 150 years, BACARDI Superior Rum has inspired cocktail pioneers to create some of the world’s most famous drinks, including the mojito, the daiquiri and the pina colada.

In a nod to the original heritage of the Mojito, for a limited time BACARDI’s new addition will be available with 2 complimentary ice trays, giving you everything you need to create the prefect Mojito at home. Back in 1890’s Cuba, ice was incredibly rare and expensive, so BACARDI offered a complimentary block of ice with every order of BACARDI rum. This enabled people to make the most refreshing mojito’s with the world’s first premium aged white rum. Crushed ice will keep your BACARDI Mojito’s cooler for longer and is the ultimate refreshing drink this summer.

As well as a series of nationwide events, BACARDI will be offering special in-store promotions throughout the summer months.

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