Aberlour 16 Year Old Double Cask Matured Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700ml


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Aberlour distillery produces a new make spirit of exceptional quality with striking depth and a clean, crisp and fruity flavour. When today’s Aberlour single malt was conceived, the cask chosen to perfectly match and enrich the spirit was the first fill ex-Oloroso sherry cask, which adds significant depth and provides a velvet richness which is evident throughout the range. Master distillers finely judge the proportion of ex-sherry casks alongside traditional oak, in each expression to craft an elegant, complex and exceptionally balanced single malt, which is a result of this double cask maturation.
Product Information: The deep, soft, fruity Aberlour spirit has concentrated to a sweet syrup character. When an ex-sherry cask is destined to mature Aberlour, even the Sherry wine the cask will contain first is nosed and selected personally by Aberlour’s whisky makers before it is filled in to casks destined eventually to mature Aberlour. Smooth and full in palate, the sweet flored and spicy flavours are complemented with a long, warm and spicy fruitiness
品牌資料: 亞伯樂酒廠所生產的威士忌品質超凡,它擁有柔順、清爽及果香。為確保每瓶亞伯樂單一麥芽威士忌的品牌,釀酒師親手精細挑選來自西班牙南部 Oloroso 雪莉桶,並以鼻子嗅桶確保該木桶的香氣和風味是最佳首選。絕佳的醇厚度及平衡感傳遞出極致飽滿的風味。釀酒大師精細地判斷雪莉桶旁邊的傳統橡木比例,在這手藝下釀出優雅、結構複雜、均衡的單一麥芽威士忌,這亦是雙桶熟成的成果。
產品資料: 亞伯樂16年的香味清爽而俐落,口感如香甜糖漿。 釀酒師親自挑選並以鼻子嗅桶確保雪莉桶的香氣與風味是最佳首選。 口感滑順,酒精味並不強烈,橡木桶和香草的風味襯托出大麥麥芽的清甜,隱隱約約佐以巧克力和香料等香味,增加整體口感的活潑度。